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I don't know, I have met people who actually take pictures for a living and truly know nothing about what they are doing or the equipment they are using. In most cases they have a lab that does all of the processing (whether digital or film), they have a camera and flash that they have had some instruction on how to use, and they may even have a portable studio lighting system that they have been taught how to set up and break down.In some cases ifyou pick up their camera they panic because you may press a button which will change the mode and they have no way of getting it back. Many of these "pros" work for a lab that specializes in assembly line work, like school pictures, and all they need is to be able to pose their subjects and work fast. Some of them are very good at what they do, while others....

Professional is not really a mark of excellence, it may only mean you do it for a living (no arguments over semanitcs here please, this is a valid definition of professional). To some the equipment is of no real consequence unless it doesn't work. As amateurs we are often far more involved in the arcane terminology or the minutae of camera specifications than we are in capturing the image. I believe everyone should be familiar with the tools they use, but I know that some are not, and in some cases the results are surprizingly good.

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