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regalmrj wrote:
I just got my first Epson 2200 and it is quickly turning into my worst nightmare. I turn it on and the power light flashes green briefly, then the carriage goes once across and then the paper light and all of the ink lights start blinking rapidly together (power light is off). I've gone through the Epson troubleshooter on line which just said to contact customer support. Contacted customer support who said they couldn't help me, sounded mechanical and I should take it to the closest Epson repair center which is an hour away......anybody have any suggestions. I'm new to this board, but I'd love some help. Thanks!
Is this a brand new unit or have you bought up a second hand one from ebay or somewhere similar?

If it's new... Phone Epson again and demand a replacement, calmly but none of this "take it to a service center" stuff..

It's it's second hand though (which I'm kinda guessing it might be) it sounds like it's probably the waste ink "service required" issue so some kind soul has sold you a printer that needs a service or at bare minimum a reset.

Not 100% sure this will work but try to get the status monitor installed and displaying for your Epson 2200 and see if it shows you any kind of message like "service required. Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service".

This thread on fixyourownprinter might help somewhat..

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