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Well for the few that know my photography life history here at Steves Forum- I have been waiting for my exchange D50 to be delivered. It took 4 weeks and finally it arrived last week..can'tremember which day- Due to a major family crisis that is ongoing I have to admit that my baby has taken a back burner and just felt sick -distracted - to even open and look at the new camera.After a day withfamily prompting me -I opened the box. Darn if it wasn't the same box I sent back to the company I purchased it from. Fury -which is rare in me- had me wanting to kill someone or give a good tongue lashing for telling me they would exchange the camera and then to find the same camera which i assumed they either fix my old one or sent it back untouched *sigh* to me by mistake. I could tell it was the same box I sent off to them because I had used shredded paper in ziploc bags as packing... and it was there. The books were in ziploc bags like I packed it... So, I immediately called the company who assured me the BODY was new ... and after gettin confirmation from Nikon where i had signed up warranty -that the serial number I originally wrote was different .. I guess it is a new body. Just think it was strange they did it that way and not sent the whole new box with new camera and stuff.. weird.

:whack:Lesson here: Write down serial numbers of all your goodies and keep it somewhere safe. It would have helped if I had thought of that *sigh* before accusing them of lying about replacing my camera.

Weeks ago, I joined a local (30miles away)camera club. They seem really anice group. One lady has a D70 so hoping to gain some wisdom and hands on experience being with this group. Just thought I would let those wondering know I got my camera and all my lens stuff. Now to find my joy back.... I sure appreciate this site. Tho I haven't taken any pictures with my new camera yet- I so enjoy reading your experiences and those awesome photos everyone posts... definately takes ones breath away to see them...thanks for posting them ya'll.....

:bye: debby

I hope ya'll have a wonderful week!

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