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Nice lines in the pic!

I also evaluated getting a good point and shoot and waiting on buying a digital SLR. My friend who shoots both said you should actually have both. one to have at your side at all time (Point and Shoot). One when you are trying to expand your creativity (DSLR due to its multiple lens and contrail). He uses a Nikon and has the same issue between his Nikon Point and shoot and his Nikon DSLR. He claims, like yours kind of shows, the Point and shoot is designed to show all parts of a picture, not highlight anything. TheDSLR is designed to capture an element in the pic (not sure I believe him .. that is what he says). In yours the Pentax washes away the sign, but really makes the building and shadows pop out.

Hecompared it to the difference between driving a Lexus (nice drive, good performance, ect) and a High-end Porsche (lot more work.. lot more fun).

I choose DSLR, the jury is still out about if I made the right move.

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