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It's not that ACR suggests it, it just does it. Whenever I open a raw file with ACR, it automatically makes adjustments to the exposure (not color). See below for an example of what it says every time I open a raw file, and if I uncheck it, I'll often get what I wanted, rather than what the program "thought" it should be. I often take pictures of light subjects, sometimes small ones, against dark backgrounds. ACR will often try to make the dark background lighter than I want, which occasionally blows out the light subject. PhotoLab doesn't do that, why I sometimes use it instead of the Adobe program. The upper one is how it will open, the lower one when I un-select auto adjustments. What I really want in the picture is something in between these 2 (most often). I normally find it easier to get what I want from the non-auto version.
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