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mtngal wrote:
It's not that ACR suggests it, it just does it. Whenever I open a raw file with ACR, it automatically makes adjustments to the exposure (not color). See below for an example of what it says every time I open a raw file, and if I uncheck it, I'll often get what I wanted, rather than what the program "thought" it should be. I often take pictures of light subjects, sometimes small ones, against dark backgrounds. ACR will often try to make the dark background lighter than I want, which occasionally blows out the light subject. PhotoLab doesn't do that, why I sometimes use it instead of the Adobe program. The upper one is how it will open, the lower one when I un-select auto adjustments. What I really want in the picture is something in between these 2 (most often). I normally find it easier to get what I want from the non-auto version.
If you look at your image of ACR in CS2 you will see "save new camera raw defaults", just check that after you uncheck the auto correct box and you will have a new default.

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