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If you are thinking about dSLRs you might also look at the new Pentax K100D that is coming out in July. It will have IS in the body, and Pentax cameras (including this new one) can use any Pentax lens ever made, including manual ones. I have a Pentax DS, and it does not use proprietary batteries - it works just fine on regular rechargeable AA batteries (4 each). I have 2 sets of them and keep rotating them, works quite well for me. I also routinely use a couple of lenses that are 25 years old - yes, they are manual, but they are really sharp lenses. They can often be purchased used for much less than new lenses. The other advantage of the Pentax (at least the DS/DL cameras, the K100D hasn't shipped yet) is that it is smaller and lighter than the other dSLRs in this class. Definitely give it a look, especially if you can wait until the K100D ships.
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