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I just received the mentioned lens this morning. I mounted it straight away and tried to take some photos. I noticed immediately that it doesn't seem to focus as close as the (non usm) kit lens does at 50mm. It is also pretty noisy in comparision and makes scary clunks when hunting. That over..

I'm going on a trip to the lake district (big green landscapes, lakes, old pubs, hiking) in a couple of days and want to take this lens with me. I don't have any experience with it other than a few people shots in the shop.

Can anyone give me some advice about how to get the best out of the lens in this situation (or in general)? I'd like to try and use the low aperture but f/1.8 probably wouldn't look so good if I was photographing a cow 20 meters away.

What if it starts pouring down with rain -- are a couple of plastic carrier bags wrapped around the 350D enough to protect it? What to people use?

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

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