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You can be creative and make good images with ANY equipment. You will not be able to make any image you dream up, meaning if you decide "I want a close-up action shot of my kid playing basketball in the gym"... well tough. But knowing the limitations you could use any cheap P&S camera to take some form of picture at the game that is artistic. Do you want to capture the best picture of what you see, or are you willing to take what you can get?

Does that mean that 28-80mm is equivalent to 42-120mm? So, I'd have to get a 18mm to get anything close to 28mm?
Thats exactly right. As I'm sure you know, its nice to have a 28mm wide angle so you'll probably want to take the kit lens with whatever camera you choose.

My local ritz still had a 5D a couple weeks ago, havent checked lately. I have one and think its the best thing ever of course. Canon and nikon are fine cameras, but basicly your not going to get the bang for your buck that minolta gives (particularly considering used lenses and image stabilization). Canon and nikon offer VERY expesive stabilized lenses, pentax just announced a stabilzed camera like the minolta, and may be a good value but I'm not so familiar with them (they do accept AA batteries though).

Low light shooting. Actually just regular living room shooting. I don't need to use the flash at all. I just adjusr the ISO to get the shot I want. I have four years worth of P&S flash pictures which are great for the memories but compared to the look of a natural light shot...there is no comparison.
Its quite liberating isnt it? Crank that iso up to 800 or 1600, slap on a prime lens, and shoot in the availible dark.
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