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As I take quite alot of action shots I have researched shutter lag time quite a bit on Olympus cameras. You have to be quite clear what you mean by shutter lag - the key factor is usually the pre-focus shutter lag, i.e. the shutter lag AFTER the shutter has been pressed half way down and the auto-focus and exposure settings have been completed, although clearly it is also useful to get the total shutter down to minimum aswell.

The website gives detailed information on shutter lag, for the C740 it gives the following information :

Autofocus lag - 1.09 seconds
Prefocus lag (after half press) - 0.093 seconds

While the first figure may seem quite slow, once the half press has been completed, the prefocus lag is very fast and should be good enough to capture most action shots, albeit that the focus and exposure settings are locked on the half press andso could become rapidly "out of date".

Compare this with a prefocus lag of 0.30 seconds on the C700 and you will see how things have moved on. I have a C700 and the lag is fairly noticeable. On my C2100UZ the lag is about 0.149 seconds and that is much more acceptable. The C740 is better again.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.
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