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Folllowin article in some magazine I tried to shot some water droplets. I got some lucky shots but following their advices didn't give me results they presented. They said to use longer exposure and freeze water movement by flash. I tried that and taht's what I got most of the time. It's not bad but you can see some kind of shadow from water movement. It didn't happened on their pictures.

When I tried faster shutter speed the droplet was without shadows, but I came across another problem. With shutter speed around 1/200s I was missing most of the shots. With speed around 1/20 I managed to capture a lot of them but all with shadows. This one was taken at fast speed, you can see the difference.

So there's my question: do I have to use faster shutter speed to avoid this shadows? from what I read in this article it should work fine with shuttes speded down to 1/4 s. anyone tried to do this before? If yes what settings did you use? I was using FZ 10 with Sunpak 383.
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