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I want to buy a new digital and after looking at probably hundreds of different ones online, I settled on this. I actually saw it at Wal-Mart where I was browsing the cameras (because I'd like to pick up and feel the camera instead of just going by what it looks like online) and I really liked how small and light weight it was. I came home and did some research online about it and while CNET gave it only a 6.6, I am still considering it.

Many are saying that the problem with it is image quality and that there is a lot of "noise" at the higher ISO's. On the digital I have now, I have taken pictures with the low and high ISO's (the highest being 400) and honestly see no difference whatsoever. Perhaps that's because I'm not interested in big pictures. Does size matter? With what I have now, I always keep it on the smallest size anyway just because I don't like huge photos. So I'm wondering if I personally will have issues with image quality if I only plan on taking regular sized pictures.

I love everything else about the camera, including the zoom, the video with sound, and the fact that it takes black n' white pictures. I don't really know what is and isn't a good shutter speed so I have no idea if that's any good. However, the digital I have now was under $100 and the battery life is horrendous, so as you can imagine, anything that I get is probably going to seem extremely impressive to me, lol. I don't know much about digitals, but I have no problem getting something a little complicated and playing around with it. That's actually fun to me.

I originally wasn't too keen on the kind of battery it takes (I originally wanted something that took AA's) but apparently it comes with a battery (and a charger) so that's good.

If anyone has this, please let me know what you think of it. I was originally looking at Canon's Powershot A700 but gosh darn it, Wal-Mart just had to have the Panasonic one sitting right out there for me to see, lol.
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