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Did I read you right? Crop first Apply second?? I'm sure that it's the other way around. Press Apply so that you can have the ability to crop. Once done click the Export button and then OK. Then you "should" get the cropped image. Yet, all I get is the original file. Unaltered.

And I've only done one image at a time.

I'm definitely looking at the original image and not the modified one. Which is why I said when I Export I only see the original file...untouched. And yes in the directory it was sent to.

Not sure what's causing this on my end. I talked with Tullio. Via MSN Messenger. We went through this step-by-step. More than once. I told him exactly what I did. He agreed I didn't miss a step. And was surprised I still couldn't export the cropped image. Only getting just a copy of the original file.

Saving an altered file...we've all done probably thousands of times. In diferent kinds of apps. Picasa 2 isn't that much more different. Yet something's run amok.

Another thing...I just noticed that if you put your pointer over the Export button it tells you that it copies what ever file is in the tray to a folder on your hard drive. I can crop the photo on the main screen ro the right of the menu bar all I want. It works. But the photo sitting in the tray remains unchanged. So Picasa is doing as it's supposed to when you click Export. Which is to copy that one file in the tray to the specified directory. For some reason the picture in the tray isn't insync with what I'm doing on the main work area.

I'll play around with it some more. Maybe I'll accidently find out what was causing this problem. It's probably something too simple. If you or any one else as any ideas please chime in any time!

Thanks Jim.

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