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I think I sometimes take it for granted that new camera owners have done things like cropping before. So, please forgive my smileys.

There are lots of choices around in image browsing/editing/printing tools.

I like Picasa because it's easy for me to quickly browse images I copy to my hard drive.

I've got it setup so that it only monitors a folder named c:\photos (and it's subfolders). You'll find lots of different systems, but I make a new subfolder for each unique date (and if the contents of a memory card spill over between dates, I'll just pick the one that I think is more important for jogging my memory later).

I used a yyyymmdd type naming system for the folders (for better compatibilty with DOS based utilities and programs that don't get along well with long filenames).

Then, when I start Picasa, it will see the new folder and images and add the images to it's internal database so that I can browse the folders contents. I don't use it for copying from my camera or media or for printing. It's mostly a browsing tool for me (although I have been know to use it for quick fix corrections and cropping from time to time)

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