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I especially like this website which shows you pictorially many of the questionable Brooklynstorefronts (if you can call some of them that)with low price, bait-and-switch, hard-up-sell, sell each and every piece that comes in the original box at $$$ more each piece, or yell at you and refuse to sell because you do not fall for their tactics:

and after you look at their ratings as mentioned in the previous post ...

I suggest you stick with the real discounters, such as, etc.or the old reliables, B&H, Adorama, etc.

Oh, on edit, you can often tellthe BAD places by the fact that they REQUIRE you to call them to "confirm" or "verify" your internet order ... so thay can hard up-sell you, etc. Most GOOD places do NOT require such thing, and call you ONLY if there is a legitimate problem.
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