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Strange, I use Firefox and Opanda and it works on other photos on the forum, and other forums - I don't know why it doesn't like those particulr photos. I run into all the time with IExif using Firefox (some photos work, some don't, even though I can see EXIF in the photos fine with Internet Explorer and IEXIF). Sometimes they work on the second or third try, too. lol My assumption was the way I installed the IExif Plugin caused the issues. I can remember accidently installing a new version of IExif for Firefox a while back, without installing the main version for Explorer first (and you have to have that one before the Firefox plugin works). Even though I updated both later, the problems with Firefox persisted. It may just be an issue with the way the Firefox plugin works. I've been meaning to try uninstalling IExif entirely (both Explorer and Firefox plugins) and reinstalling from scratch to see if that fixes it or not.
I get the same problem with IExif & Firefox on mine. The pics in this forum that works with Firefox are the ones that are hosted outside this site, NOT the ones people uploaded here. Real strange. But yeah, IE works fine also.

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