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That's not too far out of line for Memory Stick Pro Duo. You can order a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo directly from for $119.95 now. Sony had some recent price drops, and the media in stores may not reflect these price drops yet.

Memory Stick Pro Duo Media at

Newegg has 'em for $79.99 now (and they're a reputable vendor).

2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo at

Just to confuse things even more, Sony makes 3 types of Memory Stick Duo Media.

Memory Stick Duo
Memory Stick Pro Duo
High Speed Memory Stick Pro Duo

The High Speed 2GB card sells for almost twice as much as the standard Memory Stick Pro Duo. It's a faster card. But, you don't actually need the high speed version to record video from what I've been able to determine (but, you do need the Memory Stick Pro Duo versus Memory Stick Duo for the best 30fps video mode).

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