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After rereading my replies, they do seem quite curt and terse...I guess my difficult week was being relayed in the messages I've posted. BUT, at least my "rudeness" was totally unintentional...macroangels, what you did was far worse.

I'm not holier-than-thou, and if you scrape away what I said that you thought was "rude", you'll see that I was genuinely trying to help.

To risk sounding "holier-than-thou", I have to concede though that I never had the benefit of "first starting out and needing help"...I'm one of those people who have a knack for most things, I can pick up a camera, or a computer I've never used before and without looking at the manual or help files know how it works, or if it's broken know how to fix it; but have never gone to school to learn how to fix it. I've been online for 20 years now, and I can't remember asking for help on this stuff...I've always been the one to answer the questions.

Anyway what's done has been done. I guess you can say that one shouldn't be in a bad mood and answer questions, just like you shouldn't drink and both cases you're impaired. But at least I took the time to answer the questions...except for Gibson, no one else here helped!
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