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I currently own a Canon S400. I love its smallness & am happy with the images. However I would like alarger LCDand high quality videos with longer recording times. So, I am considering upgrading for a similarly sized ultracompact "pocket" camera with larger LCD & improved video capability & still have great photos also. Iwould especially like one that has some zoom capabiity while filming.IS would be nice too, but not critical.Other than that, I don't want much!:roll:

After spending hours reviewing potential cameras (including manufacture's sites), Iam having a hard timefinding consistent answers about video capabilities.I would greatly appreciate some knowledgable input or guidance where to look! Cameras being considered are:

1.Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01. Main weak point seems to be picture noise, & not much detail about video mode.

2. Canon SD700 IS: sounds like great camera with superior images, but can't find details about video - length of recording time & other features such as zoom.

3. CasioEX Z750. This sounds like a great all around camera with excellent video featurers. Can you zoom w video?

4. Casio EX Z600: Also sounds great, but apparently the video takes much more memory &the recording time for video on a card is dramatically less than EX750. I have mixed messages about zoom feature -- apparentlyuse digitalzoom.

Can anyone shed more light on the video features of these cameras? I am also open to others suggestions under $450.


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