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I apologize for the sorta long read but I want to make sure we get the right thing.

I've convinced my mom that we need a new camera as our Pentax Optio 33L isn't cutting it aymore. Well, she put me in charge of finding a new camera. I asked her budget in mind and she said "As little as possible. I've been spending way too much money lately." I think I can squeak out $250 tops. MAYBE a little more. Not really set in stone on price.

She mostly uses it for taking pictures of general nature scenes (Mountains, lakes, forests, etc... she hikes alot) and lots of pictures of the family at family gatherings and whatnot. Also, she hates not having a viewfinder so having a viewfinder would be a very big plus.

I am wanting a few different things. Firstly, a very good macro setting. Comparable to this (link), if not better. I'm always finding I want to get close-up shots and the 33L is absolutely horrible for that. Also, good picture taking ability indoors in rooms that have not the best light. This house does not like to let light in at all... I've never been able to get any decent lighting here and pictures suffer because of that.

Video is absolutely not neccessary. If it has video, great, but I wouldn't want to spend more because it has any kind of special video capabilities.

I've only looked at a handful of cameras so far ... and actually as I was typing this I came across the Canon PowerShot A620 and I must say it looks pretty amazing and apparently Steve agrees. The $215 pricetag is nice as well. I looked at the features before the price and I was expecting $300 - $350. I would be satisfied if I bought the A620 right now. I looked at the sample pictures and they look plenty good to me.

Does this seem like a good option or are there even better cameras in the same range?

Thanks much - Kevin
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