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Hello,I just joined this forum and I just recieved my Pentax* *ist DL and I love it. I'm primarily a Nikon shooter and medium format,* but for the price and after comparing it with the Nikon D50/D70 and the Rebel 300D it can hold it's own. I read every review I could and understood that the camera is designed to give you soft images if you shoot jpeg. I shoot raw only and the photos are excellent with little post processing.*The one complaint I have and I knew going in was that the Pentax Raw converter and Browser sucked. The Pentax Photo Lab 2.1 software is not bad, could be better. But the one thing that suchs* Photo Shop CS is never going to open the* Pentax .PEF files as they are not and will not be supported in CS or PS Elements 2, or early versions of PS. Only in CS2, PS Elemtents 3 & 4 are all the D series camera file supported. I spent the entire past weekend trying every freeware/shareware RAW Conversion program that claimed to support Pentax and they did not work simply because CS does not read .PEF files. I tried every CS up date and Pluggin for the DNG/Raw Converter no luck. I tried the Update 3.1, which only works with CS2 no luck.This* problem is also happening with other cameras,* a friend informed me he can open his Nikon D200 Raw files but not his D70 files.* All in all I love the camera. The shot is with the 18-55 right out the box at ISO 200 and no post processing other than converting from Raw -16 bit Tiff in Photo Lab.
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