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Default Re: Taking photos for the newspaper

Originally Posted by k1par
Working with a local paper is a good way to start in news photography. Although the pay usually is not that great it is fun to do.
That's okay, I'm not going to quit my day job! I am going to contact my local paper and see if I can hang around with one of their photographers. I work during the day (like most people do) and of course, that is when most news happens. Maybe I could do some weekend photography for them.

The only thing I would really like to stress is the ethics of news photography. I have found I get a lot more done by not having a "get the shot no matter what" attitude and before I submit a photo take a long hard look at it to really decide if it should be published. This is especially true of disaster photos. It may be a great shot but will it do more harm if published.
In the case of the auto accident I mentioned above I had shots of the rescue personnel moving about, doing what they do best. I also had a few shots of the Med-Evac 'copter and of them loading a victim into the 'copter. The photo editor said he wanted pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident, but even his staff photographer never would have gotten those. The vehicle involved (lone vehicle) went over an embankment and was blocked from view by fire trucks, so unless you were standing right there on scene, then those pictures were not possible to be had.

"Reader" had some very good tips in his (her?) post and even though in this case going around a barricade or climbing a fence would have been unsafe, it is certainly something for me to keep in mind if I am ever in another situation where there is breaking news and no one is around to record it.
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