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I don't think the 18-70mm lens is worth keeping. It focuses fast, for sure. Sometimes too fast. It feels very cheap, like a hack job put together. It focuses so fast that I see the image vibrate for a split second before it locks into focus.

The 100/2 lens, well I haven't used it much but it feels like a tank, its probably as heavy as my camera. Heavy! I am attaching a shot. I bought it because I thought it was an unusual lens, because noone mentions it in these forums, but let me try it before I get rid of it.

And the macro. Thats another funny lens.

meanstreak wrote:

The only keepers you have are the

AF 18-70mm D (walmart kit)

AF 75-300mm D (Circuit City lens) ($60 + tax)

To help you out, I will buy the following just because I want to help and please don't feel obligated because I helped you get an exchange on the 28-27 2.8

AF 50mm f/2.8 macro ($25)
AF 100/2 ($100)

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