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I tried an A620/DCR-250 combo and sent it back as the hit rate was frustratingly low. A combination of tiny dof, the need to use f8 in the usually low light that I get here in the UK (think rain, rain and more rain.....except at the moment ) with resulting low shutter speeds. On the other hand when the sun shines, you just can't see anything on the A620 LCD.

So I am trying to figure out the best way to go. I think that I need to use a viewfinder (evf or optical) as my eyes are just not good enough to define focus on the lcd in sunlight. I am wavering towards selling some rarely used DSLR lenses and buying a proper macro lens from ebay.

Anyway here are a couple from the A620/DCR-250 combo:

A stiletto fly

Leaf beetles

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