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Hello everyone! I have the s9000 and have several questions regarding lighting/flash with this camera.

I recently bought a used, and very old, lighting kit from. It works great, still in excellent condition. The power supply unit is a Novatron 334, and from what I understand is 30-35 years old?? I spoke with Novatron yesterday and was informed the trigger voltage was 12-13 volts. Is this okay to use with the s9000? I also spoke with a guy at Fuji who told me that the camera would accept up to 40 volts. I just want to be sure before I fry the camera, which is just my luck...:-) Also, the whole lighting concept baffles me, so if anyone can fill me in there, t'would be greatly appreciated. Especially the whole lighting ratio deal, yep, right over my head!

Another question...I was looking through some photo's today taken by my aunt many years ago...graduations..ballgames..inside gymnasiums. I've never had any luck with any photographs inside gyms. Mainly with the flash not being strong enough to light everything. The photos that she done was taken from one side of the gym, and the entire photo is well lit, and evenly lit. Very bright, which is what I want, not the darkened backgrounds, etc, that I am getting. Would a stronger, external flash do the trick for me? What kind is compatible with the s9000?

Here is a photo taken a few months ago with this camera. If I remember correctly it was done in Natural Light mode. Any critiques on what I could have done to improve the shot?

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