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Ok, I was just curious actually. I have no intention of doing this every month, I just wanted to know in case someone in my family needs a photographer.

My aunt (who is only 9 years older than me) got married a few years back, and I remember that she gave approx 2000$ for the wedding album :O

That got me thinking, and I think it would be benificial for whoever is marrying as well as for me that I would do the photography on the next occasion.

I already did something similar for the 50th anniverary of my grandparents last year, but I didnt have the equipment I have now, and the proportions of that project were nowhere near those of a wedding.
Also I didnt charge much extra, with the exception of the 50$ they gave me for my work.

My estimate is that I could make a full wedding album with an expense of about 200$. I know a very decent and low-priced fuji lab and I would compose the album myself. I know it sounds big, but I like doing that sort of stuff, and the thought of starting such a project sounds appealing to me.

Anyway it would depend on the actual cost, but since professional photographers ask that much, I think I can make a decent buck without ripping off my family and friends.

My little brother is doing his communion next year, I think I will start off with that, as an experiment.
With some white blankets, and proper lighting, it's not that hard to make a decent studio environment in your home.

If I do it, I'll keep you guys posted

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