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kamara wrote:
I just want to know if the F11 will also meet the needs of a beginner.
I think the quick and easy answer to this question is: yes.

But, I also think (after reading the reviews; dpreview in particular) that the F30 is well worth the extra price. Ultimately, that needs to be your decision...

Benefits of F30
[*]Maximum ISO 3200 (was 1600) [/*][*]Higher resolution screen with newly developed anti-glare coating [/*][*]New battery and increased battery life [/*][*]On camera AV and DC-IN ports (no more terminal adaptor) [/*][*]Refined menu system [/*][*]Additional scene modes including Natural Light & Flash mode [/*][*]New intelligent flash system [/*]
I've found ISO3200 unuseable on the F30, but you might note that the comparison shots (at equivalent ISO values) show the F30's noise reduction is even better than the F10/F11...

Not having experienced an F10 or F11, I can only go by what I read...but it sounds like the F30 is well worth it's price.

Good luck.
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