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I have a Tamron/Kenko 2x¬* and¬* I have posted 7 full test pict at

It is paired to a FA135mm2.8 vs an A*300mmF4

I would say it is decent at a price of around $60 used from KEH.

If I do not have the 300mm prime, I will be using it more.

I have not had a chance comparing that with a consumer zoom like Tamron 28-300

See what you think. Mind you FA135mm is very sharp by itself. Even if it is degraded somewhat, the result will still be very pleasing. The TC specifies only prime at or better than F2.8.

I think brand new the TC costs around $130 at B&H. An excellent copy from KEH is quite sufficient I believe.


lgbsaab wrote:
can anyone recommend a good one for my DL?

somewhere i can purchase from like BH photo?



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