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mtclimber, thank you for the answer.

I mainly take landscape/ architecture (inside and outside)/ local people / animals when I travel around the world as a tourist, and I view them on a projector ( I nearly never print them - and if I do, then I get 4x6 prints). I rarely use any post-processing: I just copy the original JPEG's on a CD, and I watch them. So I am interested in picture quality for my specific application.

I do understand, that for larger prints, shots with limited light etc. a dSLR can be much better - however I do not need this. I also realize, that a dSLR can have all kinds of lenses - but I find that a decent zoom (like in the S3) is enough for me.

I am quite happy with the PQ of the Coolpix 950- in general terms. However some of my pictures are not 100% sharp (probably due to camera movement in low light - the IS should help me with that), others are too dark / bright ( the histogram should help me with that).

I need a live LCD ( and it should be a twist LCD ) - as I use that often to take "unusual shots". That is why the only dSLR I am looking at is the E-330.

I also prefer a smaller size, and IS with a nice lense looks good, so that explains my interest in the S3 IS.

Sarah, I hope that gives you a better idea...

So is it still yes to my initial two questions?

(- Is the PQ of S3 and E-330 close and

- are they both taking better pictures than the Coolpix 950?)

Thanks again,


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