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I bought my Canon A610 in the the US (ordered it from A one year limited warranty came with the camera. On the warranty there are two sections.
One (the upper part of the warranty) contains the Model name and the serial number printed and fileds about your name, address, city, date of purchase and the dealer's name and address. (only the model and serial number are populated and the other fields are empty).
The second section (the bottom part of the warranty) says "complete this card at time of sale" also contains the Model name and the serial number printed. The other fields (customer name address city are all blank).
The warranty was packed with the camera when i ordered it so i guess that's why some fileds are blank. Since i lot of people here on the forum have used their warranty i want to know if my warranty is valid.
Also when i send the camera to canon for repair they say to include a dated proof of purchase. All i have is the packaging list from Will that be ok? Thanks!
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