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Inspired by this thread, my husband went to work making a better mousetrap. There is another thread that mentions using a cd, paperclip, and rubberband to make a mirror to enable you to use the remote from behind a D50 or 70. We tried this, but found it somewhat unwieldy and we couldn't hold the cdpiece steady in a tiny breeze. So - here's our solution.

We bought a 3" putty knife at the local store, and cut the handle off, then attached a small bracket. Then we took a length of velcro that we had in the garage and wrapped it around the lens, and slid the bracket under the velcro, and into place, and tightened the velcro. This will hold the shiny knife in place without bending, and will reflect the IR remote, yet can be quickly removed and replaced, and can be carried in your kit easily. Below shows the parts. One note, after working with the metal putty knife, my husband said next time he would use a plastic putty knife and would wrap it with reflective tape.

Now, my question is, how do you focus on something that isn't there yet? Here is a photo I took at our birdfeeder using the remote and attachment mentioned above. I know it's not level, that's because the birdfeeder isn't level. But I'm not happy with the focus on the redbird. I think it may be because I used autofocus, and the camera didn't have time to focus? Any help would be appreciated.

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