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Hey hey.

I dropped my FZ30 yesterday. The camera still powers up. The viewfinder and LCD are still operational. It's as if the lens has come disjointed from the camera - actually it looks more like the lens cap is always on the lens (showing only black).

There is no physical damage to the body / lens. It looks perfectly fine, so I know it's an internal problem.

The mechanics of the rings in the lens are still operational, as the viewfinder does display that the zoom 1x....2x.....4x....etc. is working. There is no sound from the lens, though, when it's trying to auto-focus (know what I mean? The little sounds that the lens makes when it's autofocusing).

I'mwondering if possibly a system reset (not just through the menu system) - a HARD BOOT - can be done. Does anyone know the procedure for this?

I'm thinking that just taking the battery out won't help, either.

Sigh. Not being able to take photos for the next few days really makes me grumpy. I will take it into a Panasonic rep. if I can't do something for it myself.

Thanks so much!
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