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When I have a Dr. appointment I make them for Fridays and declare a 3 day weekend.

On week days my day ends at about 6pm when I get home from work.

Was feeling energetic today now that N.Y. is out of that extreme hot and humid run of weather we had.

The sky looked very nice so I decided to take a walk to Marine Park and see if any bird action was to be found during the high tide. I did not realize it was almost 7pm.

The marxh looked great. Saw a Heron standing dead still for as long as I was there. I know it was a real Heron and not a lure to fool photographers because it raised its leg!

There also were some Skimmers doing what they do best (skimming their beaks over the surface of the water for food.

The light was dropping fast and most of the pictures were very bad but here are a few.

I paned and tried burst mode but this is the best I could do.
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