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Use Google's Froogle utility to find the cheapest price 18-55MM+LENS&lmode=online&scoring=pp

The lowest price: Body with a 18-55 lense is $436 USD before a $100 rebate

Pentax *ist DL 6 Megapixel Interchangeable SLR Digital Camera w/Pentax 18-55mm Lens Kit - Price Before $100 Rebate ! at

Note - I do not know any thing about

so $436 -100 = $336USD = $377 CAD using

Then you need batteries and an SD memory card

Also - One thing that I noticed is the accessories that the websites offer. Scroll down and you will see on an SD card identified as:
#26 Transend 2GB SD 150x for $199.99 - Excuse me but they can be easily had for $40US easy (
So rather than be possibly scamed, you need to learn to shop smart. Use the internet tools to find a good price from a vendor who will not rip you off.

Look for rather than the absolutely lowest price a fair price from a vendor with a reputation that other people have done business with ( use google's groups to google the name and see what other people say about them - and ask here - I am sure that lots of posters have ordered from a wide range of vendors with varying experiences). Or go for the cheap price and be prepared to be put through the ringer to get it - hoping that eventually they will sell you the product at that price with out having to buy the extras at inflated prices..... Also order with a credit card so that if something does go wrong, the credit card company will help you get your money back.

Just some suggestions,
Good Luck

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