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Hello, I am new here and to Cameras. But I just bought a Cannon S3is. Now I love the still photos it takes, But I am having problems when taking action shots. I know nothing when it comes to digital cameras are taking pic. peirod. I was just reading somethings ya'll have wrote, and its like trying to understand spanish. can ya'll help me.

I bought this Camera because my son is in Gymnastics. I wanted something that could zoom in and reach him. also I like the Idear of video and taking pic at the sametime. But when I try to take action pic. If I set the Camera at ISO800 I get alot of Noise. Is there another way, setting , anything else that can help me take better pic with this camera. This camera was one of the best I could get for the money, and its right under a SLR. So I am sure that its me and not the Camera. can someone help me please.
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