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Another fun photo day, trying something new! As you'll see below, I'm no pro at this - barely anadequate amateur. So I think this might be of interest to those considering whether tobuythe Pentax dSLR and the kit lens.

There's been lots of questions about using the kit lens and if it's worth buying. I don't normally use it because I domostly macroand tele, so I use the DA50-200 and a macro lens most of the time. However, today there was an antique car show near-by, so I grabbed the kit lens and a camera I bought a couple of hours before. I thought I would do the point-n-shoot thing, about the only thing I changed in the menu before taking a picture was to put the camera on natural, rather than vivid. All photos were taken in *** jpg mode (ACR does not support the K100D yet), and I haven't installed the photolab software yet. The only pp I've done is to crop and/or resize and add a bit of USM (like to control how much to use - in my opinion, the DS oversharpens, don't know about the K100D yet). No changes in levels, white balance, etc.

So many of these cars are bright colors, they are fun to look at. The cool thing is that so many of them are driven up to the show, and they have these chromed engine parts, and perfectly waxed (and reflective)paint jobs. They were parked on the "streets" of Pine Mountain Club, so some were in the shade, some in the bright sun, and I was wandering around at noon,difficult light situation.

Notice the trailer? It's actually a refrigerator! Here's a picture of the sign that is a 100% crop.

I thought that was a really nice touch!

Love the detail on some of these vehicles. Many were from the age of having hood ornaments. Here's a ram on a Chevy pickup truck. Not exactly the original paint job, is it?

Thought this Buick had a wonderful interior. And it gave me an excuse to try the on-board flash (thought it was a bit too "hot" for this scene - I'll probably set the EV on theflash to -1).

It was fun to see such beautifully restored cars, and to experiment with a new camera. I thought the results were good examples of what the kit lens can do. If you like old cars, there are more at:

Just my opinion, but I'd recommend the kit and the DA50-200 lenses as an excellent combination.
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