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Default Remagen, Germany

Sorting through photos, I came across these shots from Remagen, Germany. The first shot is from the top of the mountain across the Rhine from Remagen in Erpel. It's a straight drop from in front of the cross, onto the banks of the Rhine River.

This is where the Allies in WWII first crossed the Rhine. The Germans failed to destroy the Luddendorf Bridge at Remagen. The officers in charge were later murdered in the forest behind this area by the Nazis. This was where the turning point in the Allies' offensive to get into Germany took place.

Now there is a memorial to both the Allied and German men who died here trying to cross and defend the crossing of this river.

There is a museum on the Remagen side in the old bridge towers. I was very moved by what I saw there. War really is hell.

This is from Erpel, atop the cliff above where the train track went into a tunnel below here. This is part of the memorial.

This is looking up at that memorial from across the river in the bridge towers in Remagen.

While I was shooting from atop Erpel, a massive thunderstorm blew up in the region west of Remagen. It looked like a war was going on. As I stood there, I could only think that I hope this never happens again.

All of the photos from Remagen are <a href="" target=_new>here</a>. That will open in a new window. I didn't do any commentary this time. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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