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My planned day doing comparison photos got interrupted - we went to get a couple of bookcases, and a brush fire closed the freeway - it was several hours to get around the closure (not impressed!).

One thing I did find out, the K100D has TWO versions of "preview." The default setting is not the usual stop-down-the-lens preview (it still can do that). Instead, if the camera is on the default settings and you push the power button to the preview spot, the camera takes a picture and saves it in temporary memory, showing it on the LCD screen. I haven't figured out how to save the temporary file to the card yet - I made the mistake of not taking the manual with me when we went for our unexpected 250 mile drive. They call that "digital preview." There's a setting in the menu where you can change it to the "optical preview," which is the same preview option on the *ist cameras (where it stops down the lens so you can check the DOF). The reason I found out about that is that I accidentally dropped the DA50-200 lens and since it doesn't have an aperture ring, I thought I would check it by the camera. The lens survived without damage (a fall from about 3 feet onto fairly hard-packed dirt), and I'm learning more about differences between the two cameras.
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