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Ronnie948 wrote:
Hi Bernabeu,

You need to do more research on the size you can print off of a digital file. I did a group photograph at a nursing home with over 100 people and it was blown up to be a 30 inch by 50 inch print. It is sharp enough to read the writing on peoples hats and shirts. The color is perfect. The customer was very happy. I got paid a lot. It would have been just fine with a Hasselblad or any good film camera as long as the lab did not mess up the film while processing.( Print or slides would be OK) as long as the original quality is there.

I did a 11 X 14 print for the lab to match color and crop. I also provided a CD with the post processing and sizing done. I don't know what they do but the final print was perfect and cost $50.00 to have done. It does not really matter if it is Film or Digital. All I'm saying is Digital is much less expensive and safer then film.

The photograph was done with My D-100 because the D-200 was not out yet.

Unless you do it your self. Most film is digitaly processed and printed now-days anyway.


EXACTLY my point !!!!!!!!!!

If you print the 35mm negative chemically with an ANALOGUE enlarger you will get the EQUIVALENT of up to 40 megapixels resolution !

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