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First time poster here... I just bought the Sony H5. I've used dslr's, and I'm used to using balanced and fill flash. I took a picture outside today, with 'forced flash, low iso", he came out with good skintones etc, but the background was overexposed. I'd like to use fill flash outside, so I can shoot people and not overexpose the background, (balanced flash with my nikon flash).

It says that this camera supports it, yet I only see red eye reduction in the menus, and on the flash button, I see slow synch, flash off, flash auto, and flash on. When I tried flash auto, it didn't use the flash, so this isn't right, flash off, and slow synch are incorrect, and my picture using flash on, yielded the result I mentioned above.

Anyone with ideas, suggestions, answers, would be MOST welcome.

Thank you very much....


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