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Whilst expensive gear increases your potential for great shots enormously, it doesn't ensure them if the person behind the finger on the shutter is incapable of ood work and doesn't have the eye or skill. My husband's ex-boss was one of these that liked to gloat that he had the latest gear and always got the most expensive of everything in order to out-do everyone else. But he was simply a lousy photographer.

By way of an example, I do a lot of live music photography and covered a music festival a few weeks ago and was rubbing shoulders with pros from newspapers, TV stations and freelancers - the value of the gear in the pit would have come to a great deal of money. Yet I haven't seen a single photo published from that day that I wished I'd taken.

This photo was published by an important organisation with huge resources and staff photographers - theirs had a DSLR that day, the one below it is mine, taken with a Fuji S602, I was stood next to the photographer of the top shot, it wasn't taken from distance:

Ditto this pair, the top one was as published by a national music publication, mine below was taken of a different band later the same day with my 602. Only this photographer and me took stage photos on the day, he had a camera bag the size of a small car and a DSLR with a whopping lens on.

I think the price and spec of your camera is only part of it.
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