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Default Re: Bad night shots with 4500...

Originally Posted by pfrancis365
I am not all that dissapointed with the results considering that I've only used this camera for lighted macros before, but for good future night shots will I need an external flash like the SB series?
From viewing the photos you posted, it appears to me that the flash-subject distance may be larger than the limit of the internal flash. You may choose the widest aperture in the Aperture-Priority mode and zoom the lens all the way out. However, with dark and open background, it is unlikely you will get descent shots. A possibility, as you pointed out, is the use of an external flash. It does not have to be a Nikon SB flash gun. You can buy any Nikon TTL-compatible flash. If you shoot night shots frequently, you might want to have a high power flash such as the Sunpak PZ5000AF for about $150. In my experience, the shots you posted would be better served in the manual mode so that the flash will be fired in full power. My 4500 user guide has a section about External Flashes.

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