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Thanks Boily and Dawg. your opinions and comments are more than welcome to me. remember this is all new to me, I have only been doing this for three months since i bought the camera. My other camera was one that takes the floppy disks and was only used for pictures of the family and kids and a little for work. and have never used any accys, like filters or lenses. so when i decided that taking pictures of all the things that i see while im out and about was something i wanted to do i bought the 850 and decided to jump in with both feet and either sink or swim. and the advice and comments i get here to me are pure Gold. Just after i bought the camera i made a trip to Phoenix to look into the filters. I went to a camera store and was told by the person in there that the filters i was interested in mainly the cir. polorizer was not needed with a digital camera as they were made to be used with film cameras that used mirrors and prizims and would realy do no good with digital. So i did not get it. Then i found this forum and began reading all i could here and found that the advise i got at the camera store was untrue, so I gather that there is a lot of misinformation out there, but here on this forum i have got nothing but good help and encouragement So again i say thank you to all here for helping another newbe

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