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butter I understand your Frustration...........

1 mp3

will hold a lot more than 4 songs. you must sit down and figure out you're doing something wrong.

but hey its in your hands and maybe the sd card is perfectly in there and a pin is nottouching? I am sure you are using the correct drives


drive c is the pc drive d is your dvd or cd drive f is the aiptek internal and drive g is the aipteiks external

you may have drive f and g mixed up it happs?

2 the sd card is an electronic device and like most other cameras they have restocking fees or return policies

explain thesituation to the location

that you Purchase this and its your first purchase wit ha sd unit and was recommended that you get an exteded memory, and now I am returning for reasons I have no reason to use a sd card alone they wil most likely refund your money.

if not Ebay or at a job school or bulliten board will sell fast.

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