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partly agree with you there but theRicohcamera never materialised and the Polaroid X530 was / is a resounding failure. was withdrawn from sale due to technical problems with camera then rereleased again with most of the original faults still unsorted and appears to be only available in the United States. Would imagine that only a few thousand were ever sold and cameras that remain instock will end up in the bargain bins.

from what has been said on the dpreview forum Sigma only ever manufactured 10,000 of the SD9 and same number of the SD10's and the only reason the SD10 finally sold out wasbecause ofthe massive price reductions to clear the SD10 from retailers went from £1100 to £549 in the UK.

I do agree with you that all the time Sigma stick to the SA mount sales of any new DSLR from them will only go to users of the SD9 and 10 here in the UK the only retailer to carry the SD9 or 10 is / was warehouseexprees and they are an online retailer only i can't really see the situation changing in that what ever Sigma decides to do they will only ever sell in very small numbers. For Foveon to succeed they need someone like Nikon or Canon to use the Foveon sensor and that probably will never happen.

will be interesting to see what Sigma / Foveon announce at Photokina but even if they do release a new camera/ sensor 99% of the buying public won't take any notice of it.

If you look at Sigma's USA website it shows the SD10 as newly released and looks like they haven't updated their website for 2 - 3 years also there has been no improvements to Sigma PhotoPro software for 3 years, even though one of the top people at Sigma was quoted as saying that there were still a lot of improvements they wanted to do to the PhotoPro software. well 3 years is a long time to show absolutely NOTHING

looks to me from a personal point of view that Sigma really doesn't know how to market a DSLR and have been caught out by the pace of development from Nikon, Canon, Oly, Pentax and now with Sony coming into the market their options are getting fewer and fewer.

If Sigma do release something at Photokina ifear it will be based on the old SA7n film camera (slightly smaller the the SD9 /10 which were based on the old SA9 film SLR) with a maybe slightly improved Foveon Sensor if that is the case Sigma can kiss good bye to any increase of there market share and probably be the end of Foveon in the DSLR sensor business. it does look like (from rumours) that Foveon has been working on camera phone sensors as this might be its only chance left of making a profit and not end up being sold just for the patents Foveon holds on 3 layer sensors.
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