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Man. . this was my very first time trying out my new Canon 30D on indoor basketball. . . talk about a learning experience!!! But I loved it!!

I took Jacks and JohnG advice and followed they're settings

Av Priority
1600 ISO
f /2.2
AI Servo
weighted metering

Shutter speed varied greatly from 500 to 3000!!!

Did not set a custom white balance. What I noticed was that a lot of the times, the camera would focus on an outside point as opposed to the center point in the viewfinder. So that the main action was a bit blurred while an outside player was crystal clear.

Is there anyway to ensure my focus is alwasy on center? I tried tracking the chest on all my shots. But some shots would always focus on an outside player. Also took some across court shots as well. I had no problem with getting a fast shutter speed as the gym was very well lit. Not sure i'll have the same luck in a high school gym.

While the photos aren't great, i can definitely see the potential this camera has in the right hands!! I only hope to improve over time. Thes pics are 100X better than my point and shoot digitial. Thanks for the great advice. Baby steps. . .

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