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Good work for a first attempt with your DSLR. There is one thing to not that will help you out loads is using unsharp mask. Point and shoot cameras do a lot more sharpening in camera but this is not the same with DSLR's so I would suggest the following settings

Radius 1.0

Strength between 70 and 120 (you will need to experiment, but when printing rather than publishing on the web you need to use a higher strength).

Clipping 0.0

I hope you don't mind but here is a quick example for you of using unsharp mask.... it is not the best as there were some jpg artifacts already in there and a little noise which it is better to get rid of when the res is higher, but hopefully gives you the idea.

You will be able to set to a middle point btw for focus, but not being a Canon man I don't know how you set this!

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