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I'm curious if there are any recommnedations/solutions I'm missing for the Dimage 7. It is very demanding of batteries and claims they are drained when they have plenty of life (but not plenty of voltage).

The first batteries I had for it were Powerex 1800's. They worked really well for the first 2 years and then started to degrade. The issue was that hot off the charger I could easily take 20-30 pictures (maybe more but it was rare that I would try more than that.) The next time I tried to sue them... nothing. The camera said they had no juice.

I got the Powerex Powerbank battery pack (Lithium 2200 version from Thomas Distributing). That worked great for just over a year and then died. (Expensive for a casual user at only a years life)

I decided at the cost of $25 for 8 Sanyo 2700's vs $67 for a battery pack that I'd go with the former... However 3 month later, I'm back to the same struggle. I took batteries off the charger in the morning. Drove 2.5 hours to where I would want to use them... That evening, I couldn't get more that 10 shots out of them before the camera said I was out of juice. (By taking them out and re placing them, I got a few more shots...)

This seems rediculous to me. There has got to be another solution.

I've purchased another powerpack as it was wonderful for the 1st year, I'm hoping it will out last the 1st one. But I'm looking for any other known solutions.


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