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tsaros wrote:

DarkDTSHD wrote:
I'm also considering the Nikon 200D which has a higher rated battery output. And thus more shots available per charge. I'm surprised Canon hasn't already decided to go with lithium-ion batteries yet like Nikon.

Canon are using Lithium-ion batteries in their cameras, my 30d came with that.

Hello tsaros,

I stand corrected. You are right. Surprised none of the other 30D owners said anything. Or any one else for that matter. Not sure how I missed the fact that the 30D/5D both use the same lithium-ion battery. I guess I just took it for granted that if the top 2 models were still using NiMH...Any ways, I just checked the Canon Canada website in more detail. And of the DSLR's only the 5D/30D use lithium-ion batteries. Even the 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark II N and XT still use NiMH battery packs. Perhaps when they update the 1Ds and 1D-N they too will use lithium-ion. It's about time. As the new XTi now uses a lithium-ion pack too now (old one did not).

Any how thanks for the heads-up!! Time for me to bow out of this thread. Cya around people!
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