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It may be no big deal to get pictures that these in Africa
Hi guys, thanks for the kind words - As with ALL wildlife, whatever kind, wherever in the world [grackles, chickadees, rattle snakes, zebra, etc.], one can take a picture of a creature, and it will be boring unless you can capture it doing something special, or with aparticular expression, and THAT'Sthe challenge. I find that a good shot of a common sparrow or starling more interesting than, say, of a buffalo just eatinggrass. So... if one can capture an exciting animal with it doing something exciting, then one has acheived something.

Best regards from SA

PS : eg : Who would think that a shot of a bubble and a piece of grass would make for an interesting subject, yetsquirl033 has a FANTASTIC shot that IS going to feature in NG in October, for those who might not know. It's not so much about the subject, but how one can capture the subject.

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